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I offer payroll services to business entities. This becomes more important from 05/04/2013 when the biggest change to the PAYE system in sifi tears comes into effect.

This system is called Real Time lnformation (RTl) – this new system is to underpin the introduction of the universal credit in the reorganisation of the benefit system, with RTI every time a payment is made to employees a return has to be made on line to HMRC. This applies whether employees are paid weekly
or monthly.


Self Employed

For the self employed I can prepare accounts for their business as part of the procedure to complete and submit their personal tax returns.

I take time to go out and get to know the business and for new start-ups advise the records they need to keep to enable me to prepare their accounts. ln a lot of cases this will involve the use of an accounting product which I will help install.


A business entities’s relationship with the lnland Revenue is very important. All returns for Self Assessment, Corporation Tax and VAT as well as payments have to be made online. Failure to comply will lead to expensive fines and penalties and may increase the chance of an HMRC investigation. l provide a service to submit all returns on clients behalf.


I help crlents with their VAT returns. This includes submitting the returns and advising what scheme best suits their business.

This may be choosing or some whether to stay with the standard rate scheme or choose the flat rate, annual accounting or one of the retail schemes.


For Limited companies I offer the same services as for the self employed, advising on the form of records to maintain and herp with keeping them up to date.

To do this I can visit clients premises or do this remotely.

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